Hello……old friend

I won’t lie, I miss you.  It’s been way too long.  Hopefully you’re like all my other old friends and we can just pick up where we left off or maybe catch up real quick over a drink.

Wine?  Yes, red, please, thanks.

I don’t think I need to go over all that’s happened since I was last here, right?  Maybe I’ll just recall a few things as we catch up and I won’t bore you too much with some of the stupid things that most all of it has been on some kind of social media outlet.  I’m going to rely on you to help me through this next phase in my life.  I hope you’re up for it and can help me work out some of the challenges along the way, too.

I know I have a few old friends who are just like this….they don’t mind that we don’t connect every day….week….month….year?  They know I’m thinking about them even if we’re not really picking up the phone to even send a text message.  That’s the part about having those kinds of friends that make it worth having those kinds of friends.

If you’re up for it, lets get started.


2 years and counting

Author: Tony Melançon

Active Participant. What can I say? I love to eat! So why limit my pallet to just what's typical to the area I live in? I do have my local favorites but I do like to explore what else is out there. I've traveled a bit, mostly through Europe over the last 20 years and it helped that I got to live there with my partner for a few years. That time there gave us an opportunity to see and taste just how diverse out world is. Now we're back in Los Angeles but still have that 'wanderlust' attitude. We've traveled to a few other fun places over the last 3 years and have plans to get to other places. So here's our adventure through our eyes and our stomachs. Hope you enjoy.

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