One step forward…

Last November was my 58th birthday.  I had a few friends come over for a dinner party, but no one really knew it was my birthday, I removed my birth date from social media so no one was sending birthday wishes that way.  It’s fine, after this many I’m just happy that I made it.  Eventually the guest knew when a toast was announced.  I also announced that in 24 months I would be retiring from working full time.  I plan on ending full time employment when I hit 60 years old.

You see, Kevin and I have been very good about creating that retirement nest for when that day comes.  We had some terrific news from our financial adviser a couple years ago that we could actually do something about retiring sooner than we expected.  Imagine the feeling you get when you see your grades school report card and you see A’s when you were only expecting C’s?  Ya, that feeling.  One thing Kevin keeps trying to drive home about retiring is “what will we do once we do retire?”  He’s worried that we’ll just sit around and not stay active.  I say we won’t have nearly the stress we have now so that’s already a super positive for me!

We’ve been talking for years now about Italy.  There’s a draw to Europe for both of us, Paris France more for me than Italy but Kevin is really leaning more towards Italy.  I’m fine with Italy, but not southern Italy, it’s way too hot during the summer and I miss real winters after having a few while living in London.  My preference, at this time, is Milan, Brescia, Verona, maybe Parma or Bologna.  No way will I want to live in Siena unless we have air conditioners.  We were there during July and about melted!  Thankfully our hotel had air conditioning so it made for sleeping very comfortable.  I haven’t pinpointed where yet but still looking around and doing research.  People in different FaceBook groups offer insight into their experiences and it makes for fun reading.  There’s lots of material available on the internet about what it takes to relocate anywhere, the challenge is to sort through what is accurate or what is just more stuff to clutter the content.

I’m a member of an Expat group for Americans living in Italy.  They let me join as I said in the request that I’d be moving there at some point.  My hope is to connect with someone in an area that I will narrow in on over the next year so that I will build a relationship with them and once there I will have a ‘friend’ to help us out.  I’ve read that some landlords of apartments won’t rent to just anyone even if they have impeccable credit.  They require recommendations!  You could be dirt poor but if someone reliable recommends you for the apartment then you’re probably going to get it.

Yes, there are many strange nuances about living in Italy.  That recommendation thing is one of the.  Another is how to actually get ‘IN’ the country legally.  There’s many bits and pieces of Italian Red Tape that needs to be completed before applying for a Visa to move there.  Thankfully other expats who have done this are offering up those experiences to help others with a smooth process, well as smooth as it can be.

Today, one of the items on that long list of things you need to have is Codice Fiscale, which is an Italian Tax ID, something like an American Social Security Number is best I can think it would compare to, mine arrived today!

Next step is to do some financial research about banks and transferring funds.  Also, I need to get back to my Italian language lessons.

Presto! Molto presto, mangero il gelato!

Author: Tony Melançon

Active Participant. What can I say? I love to eat! So why limit my pallet to just what's typical to the area I live in? I do have my local favorites but I do like to explore what else is out there. I've traveled a bit, mostly through Europe over the last 20 years and it helped that I got to live there with my partner for a few years. That time there gave us an opportunity to see and taste just how diverse out world is. Now we're back in Los Angeles but still have that 'wanderlust' attitude. We've traveled to a few other fun places over the last 3 years and have plans to get to other places. So here's our adventure through our eyes and our stomachs. Hope you enjoy.

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